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Environment & Ethics


Forward Thinking

From September 2023, REACH…


No longer purchases single-use plastic water bottles for use across any site.


Receives a weekly delivery of fresh, local and ethically sourced meat from The Meat Men.


Orders deliveries of sustainably-sourced toilet rolls and tissue boxes from The Cheeky Panda.


Purchases milkshake from A1 Coffee, reducing packaging waste and placing emphasis on ethically sourced products.


Uses Paull’s of Martock, a local and family-run business, for DIY tools and materials to lower it’s carbon footprint.


Choses Stationery House in Somerton for all it’s stationary needs, helping support a fellow local, independent business.


Has committed to purchasing sports equipment, where possible, from Sports of Bond Street, a local and well-established shop in the local community.


Buys a number of different everyday items produced by former students, helping them gain experience in the world of business. See left for Hugo’s Homemade Cordials.

Hugo's Homemade Cordials is a prime example of projects REACH loves to support. Hugo places emphasis on natural ingredients and is using this venture to fundraise for a life-changing trip to the Atlas mountains of Morocco. 

If you have a project you'd like us to support get in touch via the Contact Us page. 

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