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What We Do

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REACH strives to ensure that everyone who is associated with us develops a strong sense of connection in which they feel safe and supported to create the opportunity for engagement and growth. 

REACH is committed to providing high quality, needs led, Alternative Education Provision to Schools and Services, across the South West of England.

The core purpose is to create safe connections and environments that promote development.

Referrals are delivered through a commissioning model. All students will be accepted for Ks2 – Ks5, normally for 1 day per week of school education hours, but to a maximum of 12hrs per week. All work counts as statutory education hours and is written up and uploaded onto a portal for school monitoring and access.


Sessions are either delivered one to one or in small groups. This is led by strong, passionate and committed Youth Workers. Programmes aim to develop a wide range of skills for students with a focus on social and emotional development. Having fun, exploration, feeling safe and supported are at the core of the work.


Staff use the whole of the South West to deliver the programme through activity and life skills. Safeguarding is fully embedded through the service with a strong ethos of developing resilience and supporting next steps for all students.

At it's Core

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