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South Petherton Parish Youth Work


June, 2023

South Petherton Youth Parish Council has just celebrated its 1st Birthday!


 One year since reforming, the young people of our parish have achieved so much, they have …

* Put smiles on the faces of the residents of Burnworthy by making amazing Easter bonnets

* Regularly watered the hanging baskets in the high street

* Helped out with the Jubilee celebrations

* Created a Jubilee bunting competition for children from both schools and preschool/nurseries

* Designed their own hoodies which they now proudly wear!

* Litter picked large areas of the village

* Met with Parish Councillors to discuss exciting future projects

* Had first aid and defibrillator training 

* Established a food bank facility in the church

* Set up the ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ hamper campaign

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-07 at 08.06.56.jpg
The youth club group enjoying a lovely June evening.
We brought fun and games to South Petherton Parish Council’s meeting! This was our warm-up exercise before the main event - a question-and-answer session with each Parish Councillor. This was hugely beneficial to all involved, the young people learnt a lot about the work of the Parish Councillors and in turn the Parish Councillors chatted to the young people and discovered what they think about living in South Petherton.
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