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This is an email of huge thanks my boy has just gone off for his final morning with his youth worker Nick, in some ways it’s a sad day as I know he is going to miss his mornings with Nick but on the other hand it’s also a very happy big step in the right direction day!

Myself and R’s dad are blown away at the change we have seen in R over the last few weeks. He has grown in confidence and shown so much more thought into his words and I genuinely think and feel the reach team has a major part in this. From meeting Kelly on the first day to work out who would be best suited for R, to Nick his youth worker who was kind, friendly, willing to listen and just trusting from the get-go (which is a major thing for R) to the quick swift messages for a change of youth worker due to sickness from Rich was just unbelievable as it was all handled with such quickness and care it made it so easy for R to be able to be with youth worker Lucy on this particular day with no stress or panic.


So, thank you so much to everyone at reach, your work is truly amazing and I know it’s made memories for R that will last a lifetime.

I just wanted to get in touch with you regarding my sons sessions. He has been offered a place at a school starting after the Easter holiday and therefore his EOTAS package funding will stop. 


I have contacted Somerset CC to see if they have given you notice of this, but I wanted to get in touch personally to make sure.


He absolutely loves his sessions with Adam and Nick and is so sad that they will have to come to and end. They really are brilliant and seem to know instinctively how to approach sessions when F is struggling.

Heidi's sessions were nothing short of invaluable! She was always totally down with Z and checked with him if he was happy doing what they'd planned beforehand, if she could offer any specific input on our behalf or otherwise. Her work came at a time when we were worried about Z's interactions with anyone outside of the household and managed to put his mind at ease. 

Heidi always arrives with a smile, happy to see Z but never OTT as she knew it could also put him off if he was "having a day". I have to say Heidi took the time to chat with us and really make the effort to be calm and patient as with Z's SEN it was never 100% known how his morning would start. Understanding the importance of this was always, I feel something she made herself, completely aware of. I can't speak highly enough of Heidi. Extremely grateful for her time, and support. Always professional, polite and kind

The Attendance Intervention has been the most effective intervention that B has received on behalf of Somerset County Council or from Somerset County Council. We feel that this was not only because Kade (B’s REACH worker) was independent of the school but also because Kade worked at B’s pace.

B has not been in a school environment since 9th March 2022 and has a general distrust of those in authority. The relationship between B and Kade did take some time to develop but regardless, this is the best relationship he has been able to form with anyone other than family members. In the past, people have given up on B because of his reluctance to form any relationship or communicate; which has magnified by the turnover of staff.

Through Kade’s perseverance of turning up, the relationship has grown, starting with a basic acknowledge, developing into conversation to B being safe and comfortable to leave the house with Kade. From what we understand during these outings with Kade, B has opened up and been able to put his voice across about things.

Parent 2023

Thank you so much for the information and the summary of the intervention, that is a great help.

Since returning after Christmas, S's attendance has greatly improved so thank you guys for your help with him.

I've had the honour of previously being connected to Reach in the past as a prior student, and I also had the chance to volunteer briefly during the COVID pandemic. 

I want to start by expressing my sincere thanks for the influence Reach had on my life when I was there.

My personal and academic life was significantly shaped by the assistance and direction I got from the youth club.

Past Student 2023

Parent 2023

Parent 2023

Parent 2023

Parent 2023

The school has found the help provided by Suzy to families within the village as needed to be hugely beneficial in supporting the education of their children attending the school.


The school team very much appreciate this excellent service provided by REACH funded by the Parish Council and they believe it is making a real difference in helping the school deliver high-quality education to all the children attending the school.

Chair of the South Petherton Infant School Governing Board 2023

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