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REACH strives to ensure that everyone who is associated with us, develops a strong sense of connection, in which they feel safe and supported to create the opportunity for engagement and growth


Service Updates

REACH will be closed on Wednesday 24th July.


Summer Term 2024


It’s been a busy term again here at Reach. We have had lots of contact with previous students, including one who came back to deliver some sexual health training to our team!


We have had various young people travel away overnight with us to our holiday cottage. This has provided a new opportunity and space to explore, be themselves and relax in a therapeutic environment. We look forward to further opportunities in the Autumn again.

Reach students & staff had the privilege to volunteer at Home Farm Festival (‘School in a Bag’ charity) this year in Chilthorne Domer. Students were able to participate in the stage crew helping bands backstage and moving on and off of the stage. Staff volunteered to provide safeguarding provisions for the site and public for the duration of the stay. Students at Reach have subsequently been able to fundraise for the purchase of over 40 school bags to be distributed following a week of free activities. We look forward to further partnerships with the festival and project in 2025;

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Youth Work Alliance - Presentation of Youth Work Course awards in Taunton on the 26th January. Well done to Paige, Millie and Heidi on passing their Level 2 & 3 Youth Work Courses


We are doing our very best to support our Year 11 leavers who are due to end this summer. We want to ensure we help with wider partners to ensure they have a desired destination for September.


We will be pulling together a variety of free opportunities for school and agency partner colleagues in the Autumn. This will include events aimed at providing support for SEMH, DSLs and agency peers.


Please note our new charge out rate for this coming September will be £195.


We really hope everyone has a positive summer and we would once again like to thank everyone for all the opportunities that they have created for us to be part of.



A few examples of the many adventures & opportunities that take place, every single day at REACH! Exploration, team-working, adventure, fun & peer support. All providing opportunities for young people to have their say, set their own challenges, build resilience from failure and be part of a vibrant community 

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Heidi's sessions were nothing short of invaluable! She was always totally down with Z and checked with him if he was happy doing what they'd planned beforehand, if she could offer any specific input on our behalf or otherwise. Her work came at a time when we were worried about Z's interactions with anyone outside of the household and managed to put his mind at ease. 

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